Dining with the Doc: Superfood Salad

Are you looking for a salad recipe that tastes great, is easy to make and will help keep you looking and feeling great?  This salad is packed with superfoods like avocadoes, spinach and pomegranates, which are nutritionally dense foods that are beneficial for your health. Superfoods are chock full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that have a wide range of positive effects on your health. Why are antioxidants important?  Because they help fight damage from disease-causing molecules called free radicals. Increasing the amount of antioxidants in your diet can help counteract your risk of developing chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. 


Dining with the Doc: Chocolate Tofu Pudding

Did you know that you can make delicious chocolate pudding in just about five minutes?  Well, not traditional chocolate pudding but rather my simple, delicious Chocolate Tofu Pudding.  The base of this pudding is made with silken tofu, although you would never guess it after tasting it.  Tofu is made from ground, coagulated soybeans.  It is low in calories, packed with protein and cholesterol-free. It’s also high in calcium and contains many phytonutrients, plant-based chemicals that are beneficial to your health and help prevent chronic diseases. Soy products are especially high in isoflavones, which have estrogen-like effects on the body and may help prevent conditions like osteoporosis, heart disease and certain types of cancer.


Dining with the Doc: Feta Shrimp Skillet

Photo courtesy of Taste of Home

I’m so excited that one of my recipes was published in this month’s Taste of Home magazine and it’s also going to be featured on the TV show Home & Family on the Hallmark channel!  The show is scheduled to air next week and because it’s filmed in Los Angeles, I’ll be on via Skype.  My Feta Shrimp Skillet is a dish that I created years ago after my husband Pete and I honeymooned in Greece.  We fell in love with Greek cuisine, which focuses on fresh ingredients (especially seafood) and clean, simple flavors.  This dish is healthy, easy to make and comes together in one skillet in just about 20 minutes.  Perfect for a quick weeknight meal that the whole family will love.  Be sure to serve it with crusty bread on the side to soak up the yummy sauce.      


Dining with the Doc: Chipotle Sweet Potato Soup

Chase away the last days of winter with this comforting soup dish.  My Chipotle Sweet Potato Soup is a quick and easy one pot dish that the whole family will love. Paired with a salad or toasted whole grain bread, it’s perfect for a light supper.  


Recipe Resuscitation: Cauliflower Mac and Cheese

Macaroni and cheese has been one of my favorite dishes since childhood and I am always looking for new ways to make it.  My latest version, Cauliflower Mac and Cheese, is a healthy dish that your whole family will love and believe it or not, the sauce does not contain any butter or cream.  Rather, it’s made with skim milk and cauliflower.  Hot from the oven, topped with crispy, golden breadcrumbs, this dish is a great way to get kids (and adults) to eat their vegetables! 


The Doctor is in the Kitchen Q&A: How to Make Homemade Baby Food

When my daughter Sienna was born, one of the most common questions that people asked me was whether I was going to make my own baby food.  Usually I would just laugh nervously and say something along the lines of “We’ll see…” The truth is that even though I had always pictured myself creating culinary masterpieces for my baby, in reality I couldn’t imagine finding the time to do it.  Now that Sienna is nine months old, I am happy to say that I’ve been making all of her food and it’s not as hard as you would think.  In fact, it’s pretty easy.  All you need is a food processor, blender or immersion blender and preferably a steamer (or steamer basket).  If you can set aside a couple of hours one day, you can make enough baby food to last for weeks.


Dining with the Doc: Soba Noodle Bowls with Tofu, Spinach and Shiitakes

Unfortunately it’s been an especially brutal winter for a lot of the country.  I’m so grateful to now be living in Florida, but I still remember how rough the winters can get up north. When you’re stuck indoors on a cold day, there’s nothing more comforting than curling up with a hot bowl of soup.  I decided I wanted to make a soup that would fill me up but not leave me feeling heavy afterwards.  So I looked in my pantry and found a packet of soba noodles- perfect!  Soba noodles are Japanese noodles made of buckwheat. They’re often served at room temperature or chilled with a dipping sauce but they can also be served hot in soups.  They cook very quickly so they’re perfect for a delicious, fast weeknight meal.


Dining with the Doc: Cherry Almond Smoothie

Here's an easy, delicious smoothie recipe to get your day started. My Cherry Almond Smoothie is packed with flavor and nutrients. The base of this smoothie is made with almond milk, which gives it a nice nutty flavor. Almond milk has become particularly popular in recent years because it has a lot of great nutritional properties.  You can buy it at the store or make your own at home by soaking almonds in water overnight and then pureeing them. 


Dining with the Doc: Super Bowl Sunday

With Super Bowl Sunday just around the corner, you may be looking for some recipes that can feed a crowd.  Instead of ordering pizza, try making a few of my dishes that are not only delicious but won't leave you feeling guilty after the party is over.  Enjoy the game!


Recipe Resuscitation: Spinach Artichoke Dip

Are you looking for a crowd-pleasing recipe to serve on Super Bowl Sunday?  If so, try my Lightened Up Spinach Artichoke Dip. This dish is the perfect appetizer that everyone will love to dig into. And it's packed with nutritious ingredients.  Classic Spinach Artichoke Dip has a good amount of mayonnaise, cream cheese, parmesan and shredded cheese, which all add up to a high calorie count. To make my lightened up version, I swap in nonfat Greek yogurt for the mayonnaise. This cuts a large amount of saturated fat. Greek yogurt is naturally thick and creamy and adds a nice tangy flavor. Plus, it's packed with protein and calcium and it's low in carbohydrates.



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